Nutricosmetics - the intersection of inner and outer beauty

Nutricosmetics growth
Nutricosmetics are the supplement for the skin that reflects the adage “you are what you eat”, enhancing skin, hair and nails from within. Also known as ingestible beauty products, it is gaining momentum in the beauty industry.

Market projection
Predicted to soar from $3.56B in 2022 to $9.22B in 2031. The beauty ingestible market thrives on improved consumer awareness about the quality of ingredients in their beauty products and a holistic nutritional focus.

Market trends in regions differ
Nutricosmetics trends differ globally. Southeast Asia leans toward nutricosmetics supplements with skin-whitening benefits, while Europe sees growing consumer desire in delay ageing and long-term good health and beauty.

Wellness-centric shift
Wellness-focused consumers, particularly those aged 15–30, are driving the nutricosmetics market, seeking holistic health and beauty solutions.

Ingredient-led beauty searches
Today’s beauty consumer increasingly research beauty products online to find the most efficacious products, driving ingredient-led beauty searches. Brands should prioritize scientifically proven ingredients in their product formulation.

Consumer preference
Over 50% of consumers consider scientific evidence for ingredients important when selecting nutritional products. SanderStrothmann specializes in developing scientifically-backed nutricosmetics for brands.

Inner and outer beauty approach
Beyond supplements, nutricosmetics integrate with topical skincare, presenting a holistic beauty solution for inner and outer health, promising a transformative future for the beauty industry.