Perfection from the first formula to the finished product, in the shortest possible time

Regardless of quantity, you can rely on our expertise. We offer flexible production options for quantities ranging from 1 to 1 million. Our adaptability and efficiency ensure the fulfilment of your individual needs, regardless of the production volume. Moreover, we can promptly and cost-effectively produce quantities of up to 25,000 units on-site at our in-house cosmetics factory.

Optimum processing of the raw materials is guaranteed during production.

Achieving an exceptional product hinge on getting the fundamentals right. Our seasoned team oversees the entire production process and employs cutting-edge technology to ensure the utmost quality standards.

We possess remarkable flexibility in our filling processes. From liquid, semi-solid, or solid, we handle various forms such as tubes, jars, bottles, dispensers, aerosol sprays, gels, emulsions, lotions, bath salts, ampoules, or trial sizes. Our filling operations adhere to stringent hygienic standards to ensure the quality and safety of each product.

In packaging, we're versatile and equipped to meet the demands of diverse distribution channels. From drugstores and retail outlets to pharmacies, teleshopping, mail order, online shopping, and selective distribution, we have the capabilities to cater to them all. No matter your requirements, we're ready to deliver.

Regardless of the diversity in application areas, brands, distribution channels, formulation concepts, or quantities, we provide a seamless production chain to ensure efficient manufacturing, secure packaging, and proper presentation of products to meet customer needs.


Customized. Innovative. A perfect fit.
Efficient cost management and highly adaptable production, ranging from manual to state-of-the-art technologies, all customized to meet your specific production needs. Your innovations - ready for the market in the shortest possible time.

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The cosmetics manufactory: Our in-house production for smaller quantities of up to 25,000 units

  • State-of-the-art development and production technology
  • International team of consultants for trend and active ingredient scouting
  • Over 3,000 different raw materials are combined every day
  • Compliance with international & European regulations
  • Complete documentation for all development processes & production steps
  • Cost-efficient raw material procurement and production
  • Fulfilment of cosmetics GMP according to ISO22716 (according to European Cosmetics Regulation)
We embody creativity, individuality, flexibility and speed.
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Production of higher quantities with our long-standing, reliable partners

  • Technical expertise
  • Highest process quality
  • With simultaneous flexibility
  • Quality control and quality assurance
  • Constant monitoring and complete documentation
  • Diverse laboratory methods from chemical analysis to microbiology
  • Certification and authorizations: Pharma GMP (EU Pharma Guidelines), Medical Devices (ISO 13485), Cosmetics GMP (ISO 22716), IFS HPC certification, COSMOS certification
Customized solutions at the highest professional and technical level.


Every new product begins with the formula. Our skilled and innovative R&D team eagerly awaits a new product development with you.

In our research and development laboratory in Georgsmarienhütte, Germany, our experts develop new concepts and formulations on a daily basis, backed by scientifically proven evidence and rigorous stability and efficacy tests adhering to the highest quality standards.

Our extensive range of over 3,000 raw materials, combined with our in-house development, stability, and upscaling processes, ensure the success, uniqueness, and quality of all our products.

This commitment to excellence is evident in the high level of satisfaction among our customers. We take pride in ensuring the long-term success of our clients, leveraging on our expertise and state-of-the-art formulation and manufacturing technologies.

At SanderStrothmann, we offer comprehensive advice tailored to your needs, from initial ideation to the integration of the latest trends, composition of active ingredients, product range planning, marketing claims, production, filling, and packaging.

With us, our clients enjoy a partnership-based, customer-centric relationship and benefit from our unwavering commitment to concept reliability, expertise, and experience.


Quality by conviction - for your product

At SanderStrothmann, quality means

  • Excellent expertise in a certified development environment - quality right from the start
  • Stability tests in a quality-controlled environment - 10 different climate conditions for safe products
  • Competent quality management in production - adaptable to your needs thanks to an extensive partner portfolio
  • Conformity in the regulatory environment - a matter of course
  • Ensuring product quality in the development phase through our technically skilled and well-trained laboratory team

As a full-service partner, quality begins with a certified development process during product creation. Our customers can expect standards in accordance with ISO 22716 (cosmetics GMP) and ISO 13485 (medical device standard). Within this framework, robust processes quickly lead to safe products.

Throughout production, we uphold the highest quality standards either in-house or through our trusted partners. We gladly accommodate individual customer requests regarding quality standards.

Experience with us

  • Enthusiasm for the creation of high-quality processes in product development
  • Commitment to designing best-in-class processes for manufacturing and testing your products
  • The pleasure of the finished product and your satisfaction as our customer under the solid roof of certified and Quality standards realised with dedication

Quality - lived with passion and expertise


Our commitment: Consistent safety and performance through expertise and innovation

The safety of our formulations and therefore the safety of the consumer when using our products is our top priority. Based on comprehensive measurements and evaluations during the development phase, the latest scientific findings and data from cosmetic vigilance, we guarantee consistent product performance and safety of our products over the entire shelf life.

Our ingredients and packaging materials are selected from a qualified pool of suppliers with whom we have long-standing and trusting business relationships. Our cooperation with specialists in the fields of regulatory affairs, toxicology and dermatology and our many years of experience help us to find compatible and safe solutions in the areas of cosmetics, biocides, medical products and food supplements - even for complex issues - for the benefit of our customers.