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With passion and in-depth expertise, we develop customised, competitively superior products for our joint, long-term success

We strive to demonstrate our expertise to customers and forge lasting relationships with them. Our experts actively engage with the market, closely monitoring discussions on cosmetics and healthcare products wherever there is interest. We don't limit ourselves to trade journals and trend magazines; instead, we collaborate closely with universities, packaging experts, and communication specialists.

We discover needs, trends, and innovations through engaged discussions. These insights are further supported by comprehensive market research and translated into profitable products.

We know how the heart of the market beats. And translate this knowledge into your long-term success.

Product Categories

Our holistic, synergistic care solutions to fulfil the need for beautiful and healthy skin from head to toe



Medical products


Biozide und Desinfektion

Biocides &




hair care, anti-lice, hair restorer, special care for dry scalp, anti-dandruff care


eye care, lip care, facial care, oral & dental care, decorative cosmetics, anti-ageing, acne, sun protection


skin care, dry skin, atopic dermatitis, sun protection, whitening & depigmentation, wound care, scar care, insect protection, probiotics, immune booster

Hand & nail

hand care, nail care, decorative cosmetics, anti-ageing, sun protection, wound care, disinfection

Intimate care

Intimate care for women and men


foot care, diabetic foot care, calluses, corns, dry skin, foot and shoe deodorant


Special care for horses, dogs and cats against pests
Spezialpflege für Pferde, Hunde und Katzen gegen Schädlinge
Zertifizierungssiegel ISO13485
natural ICADA
Cosmos Natural

In the cosmetics, dietary supplements, biocides and wound care areas, case studies serve as invaluable tools.
Why? Because they transcend traditional presentations and brochures, offering concrete examples of our impact. These studies outline the challenges we have tackled and our innovative solutions, highlighting how we have enhanced our customers‘ successes.


Transformational innovative teeth whitening product for the oral care industry Transformational innovative teeth whitening product for the oral care industry


One of the leading oral care brands approached us with the objective of developing a cutting-edge solution for discoloured teeth. Their requirements were to incorporate active whitening complex, anti-caries properties, and a refreshing flavour for long-lasting fresh breath.


Utilising our extensive scientific expertise and advanced knowledge on teeth whitening trends, our development team created a unique 2-phase product which revolutionized dental care.

In addition to its innovative formulation incorporating our clients' specifications, we designed and manufactured a new bottle packaging that is user-friendly and stands out from the crowded oral care market. We even conducted extensive human application testing to ensure the compatibility of the new teeth whitening product with other oral care products.


Science-based cosmetics for a leading teleshopping brand Science-based cosmetics for a leading teleshopping brand


Our client has been in the teleshopping industry for over 20 years. Innovation and quality are the key factors to become reputed teleshopping cosmetic brands. Back in 2010, our client sought a CDMO partner who could develop science-based cosmetic products with quality ingredients and unique value propositions in the shortest time.


Leveraging on our strong partnerships with leading raw material suppliers, our client was able to gain early access to cutting-edge active ingredients and technologies that are not readily available to competitors. We stay ahead of the curve by implementing these innovative elements in the finished products.

15 years on, we have successfully developed the most recognisable cosmetic brands for our client's teleshopping business, which consists of a diverse portfolio of 11 product lines, more than 300 offerings annually, and over 2,500 live TV shows.

Wound care

Safe and broad-spectrum effective wound rinse for consumer household use Safe and broad-spectrum effective wound rinse for consumer household use


There is a growing awareness of the risks associated with wound infections caused by contaminants, dirt, and microbial contamination, even after minor injuries. Adequate wound rinses can prevent non-healing wounds, painful inflammation, and infections.

Our client is a large multinational corporation in the pharmaceutical OTC business. European competent authorities impose significant regulatory hurdles, limiting options for active ingredients and extending time to market. The client's business was under pressure from a competitor selling an outdated but commercially successful wound rinse.


Drawing on our extensive knowledge in wound care and our vast scientific network, we identified a technology previously only used in hospitals.

In less than a year, we leveraged existing efficacy data, adapted consumer-friendly packaging, obtained approval for consumer use, and agreed upon label claims with competent authorities.

Our client now offers a technology that is superior to all existing wound rinse solutions in terms of onset of action, efficacy, skin tolerance, and ease of use. Due to the excellent safety profile of the product, it is even approved for use in children as young as 1 year old.

With a distinct positioning, superior efficacy, and excellent safety profile, our client can stand out from its competitors by offering advanced solutions.


Market-disruptive hair care formulation for a global pharmaceutical company Market-disruptive hair care formulation for a global pharmaceutical company


Our client is one of the major global pharmaceutical companies. In the pharmaceutical industry, it's common for global companies to adopt similar development strategies for both cosmetic and medical devices, which requires complex substance testing and studies that results in longer development cycles.

The client was seeking a capable CDMO partner to develop a hair care range for their consumer health business. The main challenge was to plan and manage the project efficiently whilst fulfilling the high pharmaceutical standards in new product development.


Based on our vast experence working with pharmaceutical companies, we efficiently managed the project timelines to factor in the meticulous quality requirements of our client.

Through close collaboration between the client's and our R&D teams, we successfully introduced a novel and market-disruptive formulation, and developed a highly effective product that surpassed all rigorous penetration tests.

We also provide continuous support for our clients' sales teams' training and objection handling, enriching them with the scientific knowledge and marketing strategies to promote the products to their target customers.