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MY DOKMY DOK® can stimulate the hair growth and offers a long-term help for hereditary hair loss

To stop hereditary hair loss, the patented active formula with arginine – a hair's own building block – is the ideal solution.
Arginine – a natural active ingredient contained in MY DOK® helps to support hair growth continuously, because a regular use of MY DOK® has been shown that the arginine in the hair increase.
This significant increase of arginine can stimulate hair growth. Already existing hereditary hair loss can be reduced and it although supports new hair growth.

Study on MY DOK® at the Medical Faculty of the University of Magdeburg

Through the analysis by of the University of Magdeburg, it has been demonstrated that L-Arginine from MY DOK® is absorbed directly by the hair. The uptake of L-Arginine can significantly contribute to the revitalisation of the hair, improve hair health and lead to renewed hair growth.

"This study shows for the first time that the use of the hair tonic MY DOK® significantly increased the arginine content in the hair. [...]As a consequence by application of MY DOK® there is an analytically recognizable effect". (read more).

Visibly thicker and stronger hair - without side effects


MY DOK® Anti Hair Loss Shampoo and Haartonic – for prevention

MY DOK® Tonic and Shampoo against hereditary hair loss can be used variety, including proactive prevention - both MY DOK® products can strengthen the hair and are able to increase its resistance.


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20 December 2019

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