SKILLS – This is what we do for you.

We all aspire to happiness. To experiences and love.
To passion and seduction. You have requirements.

SanderStrothmann fulfils two important requirements: health and beauty. We understand cosmetics and healthcare as a requirement – what we strive for: perfection from the first formula to the finished end product within the shortest possible time.

Research and development are the foundations of our shared success. We identify requirements, trends and innovations in the active dialogue with markets, customers and consumers. They are backed up by well-founded market research and translated in the laboratory into profitable products. That is how genuine best-sellers are developed. Research and development are also a matter of formulas at SanderStrothmann, but not only.

We are active on the market, and we keep our eyes and ears open wherever people are interested in cosmetic and healthcare products. We not only read the trade publications and trend magazines, but we also work closely with universities, packaging experts and communications specialists.

We know how the market's heart beats.
And we translate this knowledge into your long-term success.
Cosmetics - SanderStrothmann


Care from head to toe
Dermocosmetics, cert. Natural cosmetics, leave-on, rinse-off, commodities and special solutions. Tubes, bottles, dispensers, pots, sprays, ampoules, sticks, sachets and much, much more.
BIOCIDES - SanderStrothmann


Safe protection
Against pests and parasites
including head lice, mosquitoes, ticks and other insects that bite and sting.
MEDICAL PRODUCTS - SanderStrothmann


When cosmetics alone
are no longer enough

Hard skin + corns, wound care, sports injuries, itching, lubes and much, much more.

We are experts in everything that cares for and protects the skin and keeps it in good condition. Medically-based dermocosmetics are as much a part of this as certified natural cosmetics, an irresistible fragrance and a special problem-solver for the delicate eye area, creams, gels, lotions and ampoules, aerosols and powders. With over 1000 developments a year, you can safely rely on our extensive expertise.

Defend yourself against pests and parasites such as head lice, mosquitoes, ticks and other insects that bite and sting! We are one of only a few companies that has its own product approvals, and exclusive access to some active ingredients, as per the EU Biocides Regulation. We offer you individual solutions in a highly-regulated market.

Sometimes it's about more than pure care. Then problems need to be solved, and unpleasant skin conditions cured with a medical product that has been specifically approved for that purpose. Talk to us about clearly positioned developments with high claims, for instance against corns and hard skin, itching or bruises, wound care products or products for intimate use such as lubes.

People win people

We want to convince our customers of our performance, and win them for us permanently.

We use passion and well-based expertise to develop customised products that are superior to the competition for our shared long-term success. Regionally and nationally. We act globally and serve the most diverse distribution channels:

Customer relationship SanderStrothmann
TV shopping and mail order companies have no opening times. Every area has its own specific claims, and we will be happy to help you live up to them.
Our export customers are mainly stationary retailers and distributors. We know all there is to know about the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry, and we comply with all the international import/export conditions. We also provide assistance in national approval matters.
Brands need to grow and to keep finding themselves again in order to assert themselves successfully in the long-term or develop further on a fast-paced market. We develop customised products for your international markets quickly, reliable and to the highest quality standards.
We will be pleased to send you a list of our references or show you a choice from our years of experience in a personal meeting. We promise our customers an environment of discretion and trust. Therefore, please note that we do not provide references on our website. Due to the large number of our products, we will be pleased to provide you with a selection that is tailored to you. Contact us now.


SanderStrothmann goes Asia!

20 April 2022

With Frederick Fong, we have been able to gain an expert for the Asian market who will support us from our new office in Singapore from April 2022. We are...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

20 December 2019

SanderStrothmann GmbH will be closed due to company holidays from 21st December 2019 until 05th January 2020.


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