MISSION – Your success is our goal.

100% customised, from the idea to the shelf –
your individual product in record time.

We aren't satisfied until you are successful. Everything we think and do revolves around you and your product, your requirements, your standards and your desires. Your success is the driving force behind our actions.Doesn't everybody say that? They do! But who else offers you the SanderStrothmann business model that means we only start to earn money when you are successful with our development and your new product? We call it „the beginning of a wonderful partnership“. Our customers call it „esprit with your sleeves rolled up“.

SKILLS – This is what we do for you.

We all aspire to happiness. To experiences and love.
To passion and seduction. You have requirements.

What can we help you with? Anything and everything that is used on the skin or body – not only do we know all about cosmetics, but about biocides and medical products as well.

Cosmetics - SanderStrothmann


Care from head to toe
Dermocosmetics, cert. Natural cosmetics, leave-on, rinse-off, commodities and special solutions. Tubes, bottles, dispensers, pots, sprays, ampoules, sticks, sachets and much, much more.
Biocides - SanderStrothmann


Safe protection
Against pests and parasites
including head lice, mosquitoes, ticks and other insects that bite and sting.
Medical Products - SanderStrothmann


When cosmetics alone
are no longer enough

Hard skin + corns, wound care, sports injuries, itching, lubes and much, much more.

STORY – How we became what we are today.

We believe in passion –
because only if you really love what you do,
will you be successful at what you do.

Our passion is the development of innovative products in the segments cosmetics, biocides and medical products.

Feel and experience our commitment and our associated instinct for trends. We stand specifically for individual, exclusive and thrilling products on the highest specialist and technical levels. And we regularly present new records in „speed to market“. Because the shorter the time between the idea and the shelf, the sooner you will be successful with your product.

Put us to the test.


Product of the month april

04 April 2018

For diabetics – special footcare range Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the blood sugar levels are often too high (hyperglycaemia). This disturbance can have several different causes, which...

Product of the month february

20 February 2018

NEW Product Development - Hair Thickener:Special care for more shine & volume The new hair thickener with hydrolized keratin, strengthening collagen, and nourishing panthenol could soon realize the dream of...

Product of the month january

18 January 2018

NEXT Face Cleansing Stick Face Cleansing Stick – with activated charcoal gently, but effectively releases the skin from impurities and loads the activated carbon cleans the skin deeply at the...

Product of the month november

05 December 2017

O49 egg liqueur based on O49-Gin Egg liqueur – also known as eggnog - is for many a relic of "grandma's times", but Spirit49 makes it hip again. The special...